Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rediscover You

I think the misconception of So many new Christians is that the burning passionate feeling that you get when you first discover God will last forever. For me it didn't matter how many times someone told me it wouldn't always be that way, I thought nothing would ever change!I thought that if the passion went away then I obviously was doing something wrong. But then life happened. No, not horrible life tragedies or crazy financial ruin... boring everyday life. I've been distracted by getting up everyday and having to clean or go to work. Have you heard this all before from me? Maybe that's because life is constantly going on and I'm in constant struggle to put God above it all. The Christian walk is a tough and narrow path. It's not for the weak of heart! It's not always fun and it most certainly is not always crazy exciting! Sometimes God is hitting you with amazing blessings and answers and making you smile from ear to ear even when it rains... and then there are days when you feel like nothing is happening. For me these mundane days are what really test my faith, and let me tell you I am way better for it! :) I wanted to share a song with you tonight that has really hit home for me. You see, even though I know that even though my fire has burned down a bit I know I'm still saved and that God and I are still bound in a relationship. But that doesn't mean I don't want to burst into flames for Him again! This song has sort of become my own personal prayer to our Heavenly Father.  I love the part where they say "Bring me back to life like only you can do!" It's so true! With out Christ we are nothing and we aren't going to get any where! Glory be to God for His Love!

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