Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Story time: The king and his orchestra

There once was a king in China who was very fond of listening to music played on the Yu, a wind instrument. So he created a band of three hundred players. Every day at teatime the band was called in to play the Yu for His Majesty. Now, one of the players, Mr. Nan Guo, knew nothing about the instrument. But by pretending to play the Yu he was believed to be part of the orchestra. No one knew the truth. One day the king died and his son, the prince, became king. But the new king did not like to hear the orchestra. He enjoyed solo performances. He called each musician in to play alone for him. This time, Nan Guo could not hide. He was shown for what he was. **

The tares and the wheat grow up together. There are those who appear to be playing the Yu, but then when they are put to the test, it shows who they really are.

It's not enough to "Act" like a Christian... God knows your true heart. He's the one that judges you in the end, not me, not little miss goody two shoes, but God.

Two great books of the Bible to read to look into this are Romans and James. But really just about every book in the New Testament talks about truly following after God. You may be able to fool every single person into believing you're a Christian, heck I did for about 17 years!! But I wasn't a true follower of God. In fact  the last thing I wanted to do was give God true control. I wanted people to believe I was a good person but in the end "good" isn't enough.

Thank You precious Jesus for giving us the chance to be saved!!! I still sin, but you know that in my heart I follow You and I desire nothing more than to become more like You and to throw my sin out the window! Thank You Father for accepting me into Your family! I pray for all of those that struggle with truly handing over their lives to You. I pray that You show them Your awesome power! Show them Lord that Your way truly is amazing and the best! Amen.

If anyone would like to talk to me about anything that they have just read, or would like to hear my story about how God finally got through to me feel free to message me! :)

Much love,

**Story is in the book Safely Home by Randy Alcorn

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