Monday, October 17, 2011

Embarking on a new journey

Sometimes God asks you to do things you really don't want to do. Sometimes it's show love to the guy that is constantly picking on you or the lady that is ALWAYS telling you the gory details of her life even though she barely knows you. Other times He asks you to go outside of your comfort zone and witness to a scary mob or confrontational co-worker. And sometimes He asks you to do something that sounds like absolutely NO fun! This is where I am at.
    For the past few weeks I have been doing my devotions at work. I'm always the first one in and I usually get a good 10 min or more to read my Bible study and do some reflection and prayer. I would feel slightly rushed but really it has been good. But lately I have really been feeling a tug on my heart to put God first and foremost. I need to start my day with Him. Not get my daily stuff done and then fit Him into a 10 min. slot at work. I've been noticing how God is always at the back of my mind. I find myself rationalizing, "Well once I get this cleaned up and dinner made I'll get to God. Or maybe I should make sure some other things get done and then I'll get to God." Get to God... shouldn't it be "Ok God I'm yours! Lets do this! And then when you're done with my undivided attention I'll get the day to day stuff done."  I truly feel like God is telling me to put Him first and give Him as much time as He wants, and then He'll help me get what I Need to get done, done. All too often I worry about my house being spotless and thinking I Have to get it cleaned right away. But lately I've been giving my day to the Lord and asking Him to help me focus on the things that need to get done and not worry about the things that don't. If I give Him the control then the important things will get done and the unimportant things can wait until later.... Having Him in control is GREAT!
     So my new journey is to put God first... which means devotions at 5:30 AM. AHHH! I am not a morning person! But that is what devotion is right? To devote your time to God instead of just doing it when it's convinient for you. I am going to change my outlook on devotion and really strive to say thank you to Jesus by putting Him first and foremost everyday and every minute. He knows what is important, He'll make it all work out (though I'm sure He wont zap me with early morning cheer :) I pray that God convicts me and keeps me accountable to having true devotion with Him.

With love,

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