Sunday, March 11, 2012


I see the army closing in, rushing towards me with their weapons drawn. I stand my ground knowing that my help in on the way. He will not abandon me or leave me hanging!

Suddenly the winds pick up and in a rush of heat He is standing next to me. I look up into His eyes and I see the power and authority that they hold. I will not fear for His promises are true! He has and always will come through!

The warriors continue to get closer, I can see the anger and hatred on their face. I lift my eyes up, my help comes from Him. I grab His hand as they draw near. A sudden burst of strength flows from His hand to mine. Though He has not whisked me away from the chaos and terror that is headed my way, He has offered me His hand and His promise to stay by my side.

The Army is upon us, their weapons slice the air searching for a way to harm me. I lift my eyes up and look to Him for direction. Our eyes lock and He holds mine as the army rushes past us. I do not even notice the sharp swords only inches from my body for my eyes are fixed on Him and He has given me the spirit of strength, not fear.

Our hands go up in victory as our enemies are demolished by His shear Will. My God came through! He did not delay! He was right by my side! He held my hand and saw me through the toughest time.

Oh, My God, He will not Delay!  My refuge and strength always, ALWAYS!

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