Monday, March 5, 2012

I stood, hunched over by the weight of my sin and pain, watching as He walked down the street. He was coming closer, walking slower with each step. As He moved along the line of spectators each one suddenly stood and stretched, no longer held down by their misdeeds and guilt. Each one that stood gasped as though they could hardly believe their sins were lifted. As each person stood up straighter, He slumped forward further as though the cross on His back got heavier with each step.

He drew nearer to me, He saw my failure and my shame. He couldn't possibly help me. I looked away, ashamed of all that I had done. I felt His stare. I could no longer keep my eyes away. As He approached He looked into my eyes, and in that instant I knew who He was, I knew What He was and what He was capable of. I felt the instant release of my burden. My back no longer carried the weight of my sinful self. I stood. I stretched. I watched as He took on my sin. His shoulders fell forward, His legs buckled slightly under the weight, but He moved on and looked into the eyes of the next lowly sinner.

What could I say? What could I do? He had done this for me! He took my chains away! What else was there to do than to offer my heart to Him? Completely.

I then followed Him, walking on salvation. I felt my spirit awakening along with a new spirit guiding me calling me to follow the one who had saved me. I was standing! And as I followed Him I watched as hundreds more stood. My life I now offer to declare His promise and to praise His name!

I once was held down by my sin and misery. But I will now stand with arms high and heart abandoned, in complete and utter awe of the one who saved us all! I will stand, my soul Lord to YOU surrendered. All I am is YOURS!

This is the scene that played in my head yesterday as we sang this song (  in church. I nearly cried as I thought of His eyes searching mine, as the weight of my sin transferred from me to Him. He not only died for us, He took on sin He who knew no sin. That is our God!

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