Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here's to a good relationship!

One of my very good friends (ok, best friends) and I seem to always have a daily check-in via text message. There's never a set time or set conversation, it just happens. It's anything from, "Hey dear! I was thinking about you and praying for you today. I hope your day is going well! Love you!" (usually I'm on the receiving end of this) to "Ugh I am so crabby and need to talk!" (Unfortunately she's usually getting this from me lol) It's a very special thing to have a relationship with someone that you fully trust and can talk to about anything. But even with our daily "chats" we have to get together at least once a month, if not more, to have a sit down "catch me up on your life" conversation. In the weeks between our long conversations I always miss my dear friend and I always long to hang out with her. It is in these conversations that we grow closer to one another. We're not distracted by other things or limited to how many characters can go into a sentence before being cut off. We laugh, we vent, we cry, we talk about the One that connects us above all other things. Some how hours fly by with her. My husband is always amazed when I finally walk through the front door, "Wow! You were gone a long time!" I just laugh and say, "What did you expect? It's always like that when we hang out!" I am so blessed to have this sweet girl in my life. And as she does so often through her words and actions she has reminded me of my relationship with Christ. Each morning as I get up and do my devotions I turn to the right pages and read for a bit, put my Bible down when finished and thank God for His word. I pray for a little bit and then head off to get ready for the day. When I start my morning in God's word my whole day just feels better. It doesn't necessarily go better, but I have more joy and contentment. It's such an honor to be able to come to the feet of the all powerful God and just talk with Him! But as the week lags on my heart gets lonely  and I become weary. I assumed I was just tired from getting up each day and going through the motions of life. I figured that once the weekend came I'd be fine. And usually I did get better as far as rest goes. But I would still feel unsettled and restless.  I've always noticed this tendency but never figured out what was going on, until last week. Last Friday I felt the urge to sit down with God before I did my chores or in all honesty got on Facebook. I get Friday's off and usually try to be as productive as possible ;). I always squeeze in some Bible time after I do most of my "to do list" but I never sit down and just pore over the Word the way I did that day. I sat on my couch for four hours and went through passages that I had been wanting to look up. I wrote down scripture that I wanted to memorize. I prayed about everything under the sun. I laughed and I cried with my Savior. Though honestly most of my crying was from Joy of finding new wisdom and truth in His word. I was amazed at all the things He showed me that day. God shows me amazing things in my morning devos but due to a time restriction and lack of discipline on my part (I admit it) I often times don't get the full blessing of seeing God's heart. I loved that I was able to sit down with My Lord and have a "Catch me up on life" conversation with Him. Our relationship with Him is no different than any relationship with our friends and loved ones. It needs time and effort for it to prosper and become personal. Quick "hellos" and "how are yous" each day are amazing and a wonderful way to stay connected, but we still need a face to face, heart to heart every so often. I've also noticed that after spending a longer amount of time on a chat,either with my friend or with God, I tend to think about them more often. If I  spend the majority of one day a week or every other week with God my focus really starts to be on Him. It's amazing! I am praying with all that I am that God helps me to continue this way of getting to know Him. May life never become too important that I don't take the extra time to really sit down with Him!

With Love,


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