Monday, May 14, 2012

Standing in the crashing waves

I'm a  "jump first think later" type person. I think some people would disagree with that and say that I think things through, but really I don't. Especially if it's something I think looks fun or "good for me."

Have you ever wondered if that's the kind of mindset Peter had when he yelled out "Lord if that is you walking on the water then call me out to you!" (Matthew 14:28 paraphrased) Now I don't know about you but I would probably even think that one through! Lets see, huge crashing waves, lots of wind, deep Deep water.. yeah I wouldn't say "I want to come walk with you on the water!" It would be one thing if God had said, "So that you may know that it is me come out of the boat and walk toward me." But no, Peter just stood up and declared his desire to walk on the water. Maybe he thought it would be fun? Either way it takes a lot of faith to say "I will come!"

 As he climbed out of the rocking boat he kept his eyes on Jesus. As he took his first few steps he kept his eyes on Jesus. Then the waves began to swell and the wind was blowing his hair into his eyes and his body off balance. He panicked and looked down. He began to sink and he cried out, "Lord save me!" and Jesus grabbed hold of his hand and said  “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

Have you ever stepped out in faith knowing that it was God's will and He had called you to do it, but then found that it's hard and not comfortable? Maybe you're finding out that parenting isn't as "fun" and magical as you once dreamed. Or maybe you're in a job that has suddenly become very hard or taxing on you. Do you surge forward with your eyes on the Lord, the one that brought you to that place, or do you look down at your problem and begin to see just how big it is and allow it to swallow you up?

I would be in the later category. I run head first into what God calls me to do (ok only if I think it looks like something I want as well, I'm not that great at just doing what God wants me to if it looks scary from the gitgo.) but as soon as things start to get rough I look down and think "Holy cow! This is so hard! How do I manage to get through this rough patch?" What we're (yes we, I'm assuming I'm not the only one that looks down!) forgetting is that our problems are so small compared to our AMAZING God. He's got this!

Here's an illustration that my Pastor likes to refer to in times like these. Look at this picture of Jesus (yes I realize it's a bit corny)

Now close one eye and hold up your thumb in front of you, just to the side of the picture. You should be able to see both Jesus and your thumb. Your thumb represents your problem. Now bring your thumb closer to the opened eye until it completely covers the picture. This is what happens when you focus so much on the problem and not on God. It's not that God isn't bigger or more powerful, it's that you are allowing that problem to take the center of your life. Do you really want to live that way? Do you really want to sink? Remember, dear ones, that God is bigger and He can get you through anything you are dealing with. Trust in Him. Keep your eyes on Him. Don't let your perspective lie to you.

With Love,

Resources: Matthew 14:28,29, Tim Harkness, Image found on google (I do not own it)

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