Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beginning to understand the Ultimate Sacrifice

Have you ever thought about the God's sacrifice? What it meant to give up His son? I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Originally my thought had always been, ya He gave His son, but He knew He'd see him again.... how could that really be a sacrifice? It's funny how a single circumstance can change your perspective. For anyone reading this blog and doesn't know, my mom was taken home to heaven about 3 weeks ago. Her death has really got me thinking about heaven and has made me realize that our God is truly Mighty to Save! Because of Him I get to see my mom again! I'm not cut off from her for all eternity! It's a wonderful thing to know when you lose someone you truly love! But you know, even though I KNOW with out the shadow of a doubt that I will see her again (because she had a strong faith in God and she followed Him like you wouldn't believe!), it still really pains me to not be able to just call her up or jump in my car and head on over to watch the cooking channel and talk about life. Now I know this isn't something God and Jesus did... well at least I don't think so? But they were (are) still Father and Son! God knew He'd see His son again, but He still had to go 33 years without His son. And not only did Jesus live on earth for 33 years but he was in the end brutalized and hung on a cross. At least I know that my mom is in an amazing place, a place that I can't even begin to dream about! God sent His son to a sin infested cruel world! He knew His son wasn't going to a place of sunshine and beauty. He knew His son wasn't going to be accepted by many. And more importantly He knew that His son was going to suffer and be murdered.

I'm not a parent so I can't imagine exactly how hard it would be to allow my child to go through torture even if I knew they'd be okay in the end, but I've seen enough to know that if I had a child I would want to do everything I could to protect them and I would rather they not have to go through hurt even if it was for the greater good. I don't believe that God is numb and didn't hurt when His son hurt. I don't believe that God just sat there in Heaven and thought "Hm, oh right this is the day that my son is going to have nails pounded into his hands and his feet. Well I'll talk to him about it later." God is loving! There's no way He just sat through that! His son was dying! And for what!? Me, you, everyone and their sinful little lives. It's a BIG deal! Yes God knew the end result, but that doesn't mean that made Him uncaring or unfeeling.

My mom's death has been hard on me, but it has brought so much good for me as well. I now understand a bit more how even though God knew what was going to happen and He knew He'd see Jesus again, it's still hard to say goodbye to someone you love. Our God is so amazing! Unfortunately I have no words that truly describe Him... but I can't wait to see my savior face to face and just worship Him with all that I am! When my day comes you can be sure that I am going home to be with Him... and we can be sure of that because Jesus made it possible. Thank you SO much Jesus for giving your life! And thank You God for giving up your son for me! I can't even begin to fathom the amount of love you have for me! All I can do is Thank You!

with love,

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