Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What this blog is about....

Let me start off with what this blog is not. This blog is not a mere tool to complain to whoever wants to listen. This blog is not for bragging about my many talents (And trust me I have MANY! Totally just kidding :) And this blog is not in anyway a means to bring myself glory or a pat on the back
In fact this blog is meant to bring glory to our awesome Father, Healer, Protector, and above all Creator! God is awesome people! And I am so fired up to tell you all about Him!

Who am I to tell you about our Amazing God!? To be honest I am a nobody. I'm not a scholar or a theologian, and I am certainly not someone with much pull in our world. I'm simply Abbey. I got married right out of high school and never went to college. My spelling is attrotious (SEE!) and grammar means nothing to me. I clean houses and work in an office twice a week for a living.  But I'm okay with that. I'm who God wants me to be! I am someone who has gone through some of the toughest struggles of life and lived to tell about it... not by my own strength but by the strength my loving God has given me! I am simply someone that wants the world to know how awesome our God is!

I pray that God uses me and this blog to share His amazing story! I've recently found a real hunger and thirst for our Lord's word and I am just BUSTING AT THE SEAMS to tell you what God has shared with me! My light comes from God and I want my light to SO shine that you can't help but see and praise my God because clearly He is amazing!

You may find that the way I explain things and express my thoughts is a bit scatter brained and possibly annoying but please look past me and see what it God is saying! God is alive people! He speaks to us through His word and leads us on a path that will surely end with so much Joy you can't even imagine it!

So check back every so often and see what it is God is teaching me and doing in my life. Can't wait for God to lead us on an amazing trip!

Until we meet again,


  1. God is amazing through you, Abbey! I am looking forward to this journey with !